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Transforming research possibilities with industry leading digital pathology services. We support Pharmaceutical R&D with detailed quantification and drive the progression of personalised medicine.

GCP Services

Our Good Clinical Practice (GCP) service offering generates quantitative image analysis data using a workflow that is conducted in accordance with GCP principles.

This provides our clients with quality assured data which can be included in a data package for submission to regulatory authorities.

Latest Webinar

Presented by OracleBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lorcan Sherry, our latest Webinar covered:


  • Using AI Deep Learning to improve image analysis accuracy and turn-around time in a pre-clinical tumor IHC study
  • Integrating clinical pathologist input in development and validation of a Deep Learning Tissue Classifier App
  • Advantages of implementing Deep Learning for tissue segmentation and cell detection in multiplex IF studies
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digital pathology services


We provide high precision, quantitative digital pathology services to support pre-clinical and clinical research. Delivering accurate and detailed quantification of nuclear, membrane and cytoplasmic markers on a cell-by-cell basis within Histology, IHC and ISH tissue sections.

Why OracleBio?

We are a specialised CRO, with years of experience delivering high quality data for small, medium and large Pharma. Highly skilled in quantitative digital pathology, we’re able to expertly address complex image analysis studies.

Leading the way in advanced quantitative image analysis for Pharma R&D

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