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Robust Data to Support Research in a Range of Therapeutic Areas

Quantitative digital pathology is a valuable tool that can provide insights at a cellular level to support research in a broad spectrum of therapeutics areas. OracleBio are committed to generating robust and informed data that offers insight and adds value to your R&D pipeline.

Within Dermatology R&D, histology and IHC combined with image analysis is a key tool delivering detailed cell by cell information on drug target expression or the evaluation of drug response effects. OracleBio’s services deliver quantitative image analysis data to enhance decision making within dermatology research.

dermatology ihc analysisdermatology ihc analysis

OracleBio provide a range of image analysis parameters for evaluation of CNS study end points, which incorporate IHC/histology methods including quantification of brain structures, cell types, neurotransmitter distribution, infarct regions, beta amyloid deposits and many more.

cna ihc analysis overlaycna ihc analysis overlay

In the development of novel Cardiovascular therapies, numerous models are utilised in which histological and immunohistochemistry methods are applied to determine drug response directly in affected tissues. At OracleBio we have extensive experience of profiling compound efficacy within histological tissue samples from pre-clinical atherosclerosis studies including ApoE KO and balloon injury models.

cardiovascular ihc analysis overlaycardiovascular ihc analysis overlay

Quantitative analysis of Insulin and Glucagon levels in pancreatic tissue provide valuable data to support Diabetes research. Whole slide pancreatic tissue sections can be analysed to isolate the islets of Langerhans as a region of interest. OracleBio’s services provide accurate quantification of the number of cells and levels of insulin from secreting β cells or glucagon from secreting α cells within these IHC stained islets.

Determination of individual muscle fibre parameters and types within tissues can generate valuable quantitative information on changes during various diseases and/or drug treatments. Our services provide highly detailed data quantifying morphological features of individual muscle fibres across a whole tissue section or within defined regions of interest.

dermatology ihc analysisdermatology ihc analysis

We provide accurate quantification of immune cells within tissue to provide a deeper understanding of autoimmune responses.  Our team are experienced in supporting research in a range of autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Ulcerative Colitis and Lupus.

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