Why OracleBio?

Reasons why our clients choose to work with OracleBio

Experts in quantitative digital pathology

We are an extremely specialised CRO, highly skilled in quantitative digital pathology. As a result, we are able to address complex and challenging image analysis studies.

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Multiple software platforms

OracleBio has in-depth experience using multiple image analysis software platforms so we can provide our clients with the most appropriate image analysis software for their particular demands. 

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High quality

Quality is key to our business. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality data and have built a strong reputation as providers of quality image analysis.

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Rapid data delivery

Our state-of-the-art cloud servers are able to process high numbers of large sized image files simultaneously, enabling us to deliver rapid and detailed data to our clients.

Pathologist capabilities

The combination of pathology review and image analysis is very powerful and builds additional confidence in our digital pathology data.

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100+ years of industry experience

Our team have decades of experience working within the R&D functions of small, medium and large Pharma. We are experts in the application of translational biomarkers in the drug discovery process.

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Excellent communication

We understand the importance of strong communication with our clients to ensure projects run smoothly. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure we deliver optimal results.

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Meet the OracleBio Leadership Team

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