Multiplex Immunofluorescence Analysis

OracleBio are experts in the analysis of complex multiplex immunofluorescence images. Our significant experience, combined with our attention to detail, allows the quantification of multiple fluorescent markers to be made with confidence. Our multiplex IF services are particularly well suited for applications in immuno-oncology whereby multiple fluorescent markers are required to identify the multiple, distinct populations of immune and inflammatory cells within the tissue. 

Multiplex Immunofluorescence (IF) Analysis OverlayMultiplex Immunofluorescence (IF) Analysis Overlay

Quantification of over 8 markers on the same section

Multiplexing multiple markers on the same section rather than serial sections ensures that cell co-localisation data is accurate. OracleBio have the expertise and experience required to confidently analyse complex multiplex images.

Expert Analysis

Our team of experts are skilled in the nuances of multiplex analysis, including alleviating IF bleed through, overcoming spectral overlap issues and procedures to segment cells based on biomarker expression

Advice on Study Set Up

The choice of markers, fluorophores or even the order of staining can influence the output of image analysis. We can advise on the histology approach to ensure multiplex IF staining is performed in a way that allows for robust image analysis

Benefits of OracleBio's Multiplex IF Analysis Services:

  • Valuable Insights – We have a track record of extracting maximum value from multiplex IF images
  • Fast Data Delivery – We are experienced in working with the large and complex files and data sets that multiplex staining generates

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