Translational Biomarker Services

Our services can support you in predicting patient response and help you maximise your chances of success in clinical trials. Evaluation of tissue-based biomarkers is integral to the interpretation, translation, and prediction of drug response from pre-clinical to clinical studies.

Target Expression

Image analysis can be used to quantify and localise target expression in the absence and presence of drug treatment and across  healthy and diseased human tissue. OracleBio have experience with tissue microarrays (TMAs) that allow screening of tissue types for target expression.

Biomarker Evaluation

Biomarker IHC staining can be quantified on a cell by cell basis in pre-clinical model tissues for determination of the best biomarkers to evaluate in clinical trial tissue samples. Biomarkers can demonstrate evidence of early pharmacodynamic readouts or toxicity profiles in tissues to better guide dose setting in later stage trials.

Patient Stratification

Changes in specific mechanistic readouts and/or intercellular signalling proteins can predict drug response in specific patient populations. We can quantify changes in marker expression across whole tissues or within specific regions of interest to provide data guiding which disease types to target for therapy.

Species Differences

Biomarker and target IHC staining can vary between models and species.  An understanding of this is essential when choosing appropriate models to assess efficacy of molecules and then translate the efficacy to the clinical disease setting; i.e. predicting human efficacy.

Benefits of Working with OracleBio for your Translational Studies:

  • Confidence in your data – We’re experienced in applying advanced image analysis to a wide range of  study designs  
  • Impactful Results – Our background in Drug Discovery means we understand how your data will be used and can advise on the best approaches to generate data for maximum impact