Study Management

We can project manage your study from tissue sourcing and histology right through to bioinformatics analysis of your image analysis data. We work in collaboration with trusted and experienced CRO partners to offer you an integrated service all under one contract.

A dedicated study manager will provide regular updates throughout your study via email and through online video meetings. Our workflow is designed to the client’s specific needs but always with points for consultation at each transition stage. Remember, we’re happy to engage with you from an early stage, prior to processing of tissue, to ensure your project delivers the image analysis quality that you expect.

Image Analysis Study Management

Our workflow is overseen by a dedicated study manger that keeps you updated on study progress by email and or TC. Our use of HALO link and our proprietary OBserver platform for sharing Visiopharm images augments the collaborative approach we take to image analysis.

Histology and IHC

We can provide Histology and IHC services by working with a range of quality CROs. We select the most appropriate company based on their experience to provide the exact services you require. We manage and QC histology to ensure quality is sufficient for robust image analysis

Bioinformatics Analysis

High-plex analysis can generate vast amounts of data and knowing how to analyse that data to find valuable insights can be challenging. We have key links with bioinformatics experts who can help you find the meaningful information in your data.

Benefits of Working with OracleBio & Partners:

  • Combined Expertise – We believe that smaller, focused and expert suppliers working together provides advantages over larger companies who often do not have the depth of internal expertise to deliver a quality product
  • One Contract – We aim to provide all our services under one contract to reduce the administrative burden to our clients and simplify the contractual process
  • Time Saving – We have the appropriate links established and can save you time and energy searching for multiple vendors

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