ISH & RNAScope® Analysis

In situ hybridisation (ISH), using methods such as RNAscope®, is a popular approach for the evaluation of changes in biomarker expression or a particular drug response effect in tissues, especially in the case of novel biomarkers where robust, well validated antibodies are not commercially available. We have extensive experience in the quantification of RNA expression on a cell by cell basis across a whole tissue section or within defined regions of interest.

RNAScope ISH Analysis OverlayRNAScope ISH Analysis Overlay

Chromogenic and Fluorescent Options

Our quantitative digital pathology services can be applied to both chromogenic (CISH) and fluorescently (FISH) labelled probes

Classification of cells

The accuracy of our image analysis means we can classify individual cells based on number of RNA spots or based on localisation of RNA within a specific sub cellular compartment

Combined IHC & ISH Analysis

We can quantify ISH & IHC staining on the same or serial sections, giving you insights into both RNA and protein levels simultaneously

Benefits of OracleBio’s ISH & RNAScope Services:

  • Reliable Data Our attention to detail and experience with forming cell objects means we are able to accurately quantify transcription levels
  • Complete Transparency – We provide a secure web portal, allowing you to view all your images and analysis in real time

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