Quality Management Framework

Quantitative Digital Pathology In A Quality Management Framework

Quality is one of our core values and is key to everything we do at OracleBio. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality data and have built a strong reputation as providers of quality image analysis services. Below are some of the ways we maintain high levels of quality across the company:

Quality Management Framework

We have established a Quality Management Framework that provides a structured environment and associated processes to ensure that key business activities are performed to required standards.

Quality Assurance

We have internal Quality Assurance to support, review and provide confidence in the Quality Management Framework. Our Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for delivering internal audits, supporting Client-based inspections and ensuring compliance with all relevant quality, ethical and legal standards.

Standard Operating Procedures

We have a library of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place that are followed and adhered to by the OracleBio team. This ensures we are carrying out image analysis studies to a high-quality standard.

Quality Management System

OracleBio’s Quality Management System stores all our SOPS, policies, templates and study documents. The QMS is also used to manage job training, schedule audits and administer corrective and preventative procedures. The system has been fully validated by our Clinical Operations Team. 

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