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Adding value to Immuno-Oncology studies with Quantitative Digital Pathology

Quantitative Digital Pathology provides deep insights into the tumour microenvironment (TME), a knowledge of which is crucial for understanding the mechanism of action of new oncology immunotherapies or for investigating new biomarkers.  

Our services deliver quantification of the various lymphocyte populations and inflammatory cells within tumour tissue. Quantifying changes in numbers of specific cell types can help confirm the mechanism of action of immunotherapies. Furthermore, co-localisation of markers of cell activation can further characterise therapeutic response in terms of the functional status or sub-type lineage of immune/inflammatory cells within the tumour microenvironment.

OracleBio are able to further quantify immune cell relationships in terms of cell infiltrations at tumour/stroma margins. Using advanced image analysis software, we can quantify immune cells within pre-defined distances inside or outside the tumour border. This can be used to assess the mechanism of action of therapies that are designed to modulate cell infiltration.

OracleBio can interrogate the tumour microenvironment in terms of the spatial relationships between interacting cells.  This approach can help confirm the mechanism of action of therapies that are designed to enhance or reduce the interaction between specific cell types within tumour tissue.


Our team are skilled in the development of algorithms to identify different tissue morphologies characterised by their colour, texture and contextual features. We provide detailed informative data on tumour morphology, eliminating the need for manual annotations and accelerating your immuno-oncology research. 

OracleBio are experienced in the quantification of high-plex images to support immuno-oncology research. Our services deliver object data per cell, generating large amounts of data to provide a deep understanding of the tumour microenvironment. Working with experienced partners, we offer bioinformatics analysis to help you maximise the value from your tissue sections. 


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