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Single & Dual Immunohistochemistry Analysis

Single and dual immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining is a foundation of tissue histological investigation.  Despite the relative simplicity of analysis compared to multiplexing approaches, single and dual IHC require an experienced analyst to ensure high quality data. Our team have extensive experience with single and dual IHC stained images and as a result, we are able to processes these images quickly and efficiently.

HC Image Analysis OverlayHC Image Analysis Overlay

Efficient and Accurate

Single and dual IHC images are analysed with a quick turn around, with multiple QC checks throughout the workflow to ensure accuracy 

Choice of Software Approaches

We apply the most appropriate software approaches and we can even adopt your in-house algorithms to process your studies

Future proofing your studies

Working within our quality management framework will make sure your data can be quality assured,  adding confidence to your decision making

Benefits of OracleBio’s IHC Analysis Services

  • Reliable Data Our attention to detail and experience with forming cell objects means we are able to accurately quantify biomarker expression
  • Complete Transparency – We provide a secure web portal, allowing you to view all your images and analysis in real time

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