Discovery & Pre-Clinical Services

Fast data delivery enabling you to move forward with confidence

At OracleBio, we have extensive experience in providing pre-clinical services to support clients in the early stages of the drug discovery pipeline.  We understand that our clients need their data quickly, so we work hard to ensure a fast turnaround time, with a team of dedicated image analysis scientists and high-powered computing servers for fast image processing.

Target Validation

We can measure target expression in tissues and detect changes in response to drug treatment.  We have experience with tissue microarrays (TMAs), that allow screening of tissue types for target expression. Use us for analysis of multiplex images to identify accurately which cells types express your target.

Validation of Models in Vivo and Drug Study Readouts

Image analysis can be used to quantify biomarker and/or target expression in models in vivo.  Our image analysis services can be used to quantify mechanistic responses to drug treatment such as proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and inflammatory cell infiltrate etc.

Xenograft Studies

We have extensive expertise in quantitative analysis of Xenograft study read-outs including evaluation of necrosis / viable content and a wide range of intercellular markers and mechanistic processes; leveraging in vivo tumor models to discover new oncology targets and confirm efficacy of putative drug molecules.

Biomarker Identification and/or Expression

Quantitative image analysis can add value to biomarker research in a number of ways:

  • Quantification of functional biomarkers on a cell-by-cell basis
  • Accurate identification of effector cells in diseased tissue e.g. CD8+ or Treg cells in tumour
  • Tissue invasiveness e.g. cell numbers in the Tumour-Stroma border
  •  Proximity analysis of effector-affector cells

Benefits of working with OracleBio for your preclinical studies:

  • High Throughput & High Detail – We perform detailed quantification of large numbers of image, providing a comprehensive high throughput screening approach
  • Fast data delivery – We leverage deep learning to expediate our workflow which enables us to return data even faster to you