Study Workflow

From image upload to report generation, an image analysis workflow that can be tailored to your project's specifications

A Consultative and Collaborative Workflow with Quality Control Checks Throughout

Image Upload

Clients can upload their images directly to our secure Egnyte Cloud Server or via S3 Bucket. All our data is held in encrypted storage in a Tier 3 security Data centre.

Image QC

Quality control procedures set in place to ensure that your samples are suitable and ready for image analysis

Pathologist Led Annotations

In-house certified clinical pathologist annotations for guidance in training algorithms to detect the regions of interest (e.g. tumour, stroma, necrosis, healthy tissue)

Algorithm Development

Tissue classifier algorithms and Cellular analysis algorithms are developed using approximately 10% of the total expected study image number covering breadth of tissue/staining heterogeneity to ensure algorithm is fit for purpose

Image Processing & QC

Generation of quantitative analysis data and checking performance of algorithms across full image set

Data Rendering & QC

Extracting data from software analysis, organizing into client format and a final QC step to avoid transcription errors

Report Generation

We generate detailed reports that offer unparalleled insights to your study. Our reports come in Powerpoint or Word format.


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