Tissue Microarray Analysis

Tissue Microarrays (TMAs) are microscope slides that can comprise hundreds of tissue specimens covering different patient groups, tissue types or disease grades. We are experts in the development of image analysis algorithms to quantify target marker staining in the wide range of tissue types that may be present on TMAs.  OracleBio’s TMA analysis is a powerful technique for target validation, patient stratification and biomarker identification. 

TMA tissue microarray analysisTMA tissue microarray analysis

Results per core

We quantify area of marker staining or numbers of positive cells per core

Different regions of interest

Quantify target expression across the whole tissue or in specific regions of interest e.g. tumour and stroma

Protein or RNA Quantification

We can quantify TMAs stained using both IHC and ISH techniques

Benefits of OracleBio's Tissue Microarray Analysis Services:

  • High Throughput & High Detail – We perform detailed quantification of large numbers of cores, providing a comprehensive high throughput screening approach
  • Fast Data Delivery – We leverage deep learning to expediate our workflow which enables us to return data even faster to you

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