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A Quantitative Digital Pathology CRO

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance decision making within R&D by leveraging Digital Pathology to deliver robust data and actionable insights.

OracleBio is a global leader in quantitative digital pathology, providing image analysis services to Pharma and Biotech clients worldwide. Leveraging multiple software platforms, the company delivers robust data packages within a quality management framework to support clinical trials and translational research. 

As image analysis experts, we specialise in cellular phenotyping of multiplex stained tissue and have built a strong reputation as the go-to company for complex image analysis.

Our vision is to drive the adoption and application of Digital Pathology to support the progression of personalized medicine

Our values

Collaboration & Communication

We foster relationships and place great emphasis on teamwork and establishing a cooperative environment

Quality & Exceeding Expectations

We pride ourselves on applying the highest standards to deliver exceptional and optimal results

Scientific Rigour & Integrity

We apply a thorough, logical and unbiased scientific approach to every project

Innovation & Progression

We continually strive to integrate innovative practices that support our growth and development

Openness & Honesty

We thrive in an environment where trust and accountability underpin all aspects of our work

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