We believe that the combination of Image Analysis and Pathology Review is very powerful.

OracleBio’s internal clinical pathologists have a wealth of experience and specialist expertise to support your studies. OracleBio also utilizes an extensive network of clinical and veterinary pathologists in the EU and US.

Pathologist led Annotations

A pathologist can directly annotate on tissue section images to ensure that the algorithm quantifies only in your desired region of interest

Algorithm Validation

Correlation of pathologist scoring and algorithm data outputs can serve as an additional step in algorithm validation

Transparent and collaborative

OracleBio’s secure web portal allows for multiple pathologists across the world to be working on the same study at one time. Clients can view all pathologist annotations in real time via our web portal.

Benefits of OracleBio’s Pathology Service:

  • Increased Confidence in the Data Pathologist input can provide an extra level of validation and increase confidence in your results
  • Convenient – Save time searching for specialised pathologists by accessing our extensive network in the EU and US

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