Getting Started

What does the process of working with OracleBio look like?

We will organise an introductory call to introduce you to our capabilities and understand your requirements. We are happy to do this under a confidentiality agreement.

We can then provide you with access to a secure image-sharing portal if you’d wish to share some example images with our image analysts to help define what is achievable from an analysis perspective.

Afterward, we will provide a detailed quotation for the package of work and await your approval.

Upon approval, a detailed project outline for your approval and signature will be provided.

As part of our image analysis workflow, you would have access to our web-based viewing portal so you and your team will have full transparency on how your project is progressing.

You should also be aware that we can work collaboratively with your pathologists, allowing them to perform the annotations that we can use to guide our algorithm development.

Please also see our Study Workflow and Study Management pages for further information.

Would OracleBio be prepared to work with our current preferred CROs / Suppliers?

Yes, this is something we do routinely. We can receive images from you as the Client or directly from your preferred supplier, helping streamlining the process as much as possible.

What information do you need in order to provide me with a quotation?

We need: the number of images, type of staining (IHC/IF/ISH/IMC/Other), number of stains (single, dual or multiplex), an idea of the expected readouts (cell number, area quantification, spatial analysis, and regions of interest (i.e. tumour or tumour & stroma).

I’m hesitant about working with an external image analysis partner as it’s not something we’ve done. How do I stay involved and keep track of the study progress?

We work collaboratively with you throughout the study process. Our online portal allows you to view and interact at each stage of our workflow — initial QC of images, annotations, through to cell overlays. Building a close working relationship is very important to us.

We need support with our study - we are unsure how to get the most value from the Histopathology data.

Based on our team’s extensive experience we regularly provide advice in this area; from histology techniques through to the best image analysis approach.

We find a short call to discuss your study is extremely valuable as this helps us (and you) better understand the study requirements and goals.

Practical Questions

Do you have Clinical Pathologists advising on your studies?

Absolutely. Our clinical pathologists are fully integrated within our digital pathology workflow, contributing to tissue annotation, algorithm validation, and QC of data. Our platforms even allow us to work collaboratively with your own pathologists if required.

How do I go about sending you my Histopathology images?

We have a secure cloud server which allows easy upload/ download of images and data from your computer. Our team will provide you with login details for your own dedicated study folder and are on hand to guide you through the process.

What type of image formats do you accept?

Our software works with most image formats (tiff, jpeg etc). We can work with whole slide images generated from most commercially available scanners including Aperio, Leica, Olympus, Hamamatsu, Mirax, 3D Histech etc.

My Histopathology images are proving quite complex to analyse, can OracleBio help?

We certainly can, and we’re happy to receive example images for an initial assessment by our scientists. We would then be able to advise you on what’s feasible with image analysis and provide you with an estimated cost for the study.

How quickly can I get my data?

Our purpose-built Digital Pathology computing infrastructure ensures data turnaround is not impacted by processing limitations like most traditional IT models. We can process a high number of images simultaneously rather than one by one, ensuring large studies can be turned around in a fraction of the time.

Technical Questions

Can you analyse formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue?

Yes. We can perform analysis on tissue that has been fixed using any established method. Good tissue quality is paramount and will affect both the Histology/IHC performed and subsequent image analysis.

Can you analyse frozen tissue sections?

Yes. We can perform analysis on frozen tissue sections. Remembering that good tissue quality and slide storage is paramount and will affect both the Histology/IHC performed and subsequent image analysis.

Can you measure data across the whole section?

Yes, we use software which allows analysis across the whole tissue section or particular regions of interest within the tissue section, depending on your requirements.

I need a histological score measurement, do you do this?

Yes, we can provide histological score measurements on a scale of 0 – 300, representative of all the cells analysed in the whole tissue section or region of interest.

Do you analyse multiplex staining?

Yes, we provide quantification of both multiplex chromogenic and fluorescence images.

Can you analyse IMC images?

Yes, we can analyse IMC images to provide object data per cell. We can also provide bioinformatical analysis of this data via our links with partner companies.

What if I only have tissue slides and no images?

We have close relationships with a number of high-quality histology partners and are happy to arrange for your slides to be scanned and ‘digitised’.

Do you rely on standard pre-trained software algorithms for the analysis of tissue, or do you create your own tailored algorithms?

Both. We try to use pre-trained algorithms where possible, however, due to the unique nature of some studies, we often need to re-train them or start afresh. We would aim to reuse those same algorithms for any of your subsequent related studies.

Additional Services

Do you provide Pathology review services?

Yes. We have internal pathologist capabilities to provide Pathology review services to support your study. We also work with an extended network of pathologists across the EU and US. Visit the Pathology section of our website to find out more.

Do OracleBio also provide Histology and IHC services?

We can provide Histology / IHC services via our links with partner companies. For more details see the Study Management Services section of our website.

Can you also procure tissue?

Yes, we can procure specific tissues for your studies via our network of partner companies. See the Study Management Services section of our website for more details


What would the final data package include?

The data package will include image analysis raw data files (csv) including complete object data (x, y coordinates and mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) if required, Excel data summary tables, image analysis screenshots (jpeg), original images, and an end of study report.

What format are your reports?

We provide either a PowerPoint or a Word report, depending on the client’s preference.

Can OracleBio supply a report with statistics?

Yes, we perform statistical analysis for many of our clients and all data will be included in the final report document. We are happy to perform analysis in a blinded fashion with specific statistical analysis being carried out once the data have been generated.

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