Multiplex Immunohistochemistry Analysis

Multiplex Immunohistochemistry (IHC) analysis allows the flexibility to simultaneously quantify up to five chromogenic stains localised to any subcellular compartment (nucleus, cytoplasm or membrane). We provide highly detailed data quantifying multiple single markers or co-localised markers on a cell-by-cell basis.

Multiplex IHC  Immunohistochemistry Analysis OverlayMultiplex IHC  Immunohistochemistry Analysis Overlay

Custom algorithm tailored to your study

This involves colour deconvolution, formation of cell objects, positive cell identification and region of interest classification 

Whole Tissue or Regions of Interest

We can analyse the whole tissue area or within specific regions of interest e.g. tumour and stroma

Advice on study set up

We can advise on histology approach to ensure multiplex IHC staining is performed in a way that allows for robust image analysis

Benefits of OracleBio’s Multiplex IHC Analysis Services:

  • Data you can trust We have thorough quality control procedures in place throughout our workflow to ensure the data we provide is of a high-quality standard
  • Latest technologies – We continually invest time and money into the latest software and techniques so you don’t need to

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