Quantiative Digital Pathology Services using Visiopharm Software

Leveraging Industry Leading Software

Visiopharm image analysis software is leveraged by OracleBio to provide high precision, quantitative, digital image analysis services. OracleBio’s team have extensive experience in the application of Visiopharm software to generate high quality image analysis data. The software, produced by Denmark based Visiopharm, is infinitely programmable, enabling customisation and definition of algorithms by OracleBio to meet your project’s specifications. 

Visiopharm AI

OracleBio’s Visiopharm capabilities are enhanced by the integration of the Visiopharm AI deep learning module. Incorporating deep learning in our workflow allows us to address more complex image analysis studies, improve the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative outputs and reduce turnaround time.

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OBserver Image Portal

Our proprietary OBserver image portal allows clients to view study images and analysis data in real time. Available for all studies carried out on the Visiopharm image analysis platform, OBserver also facilitates remote Pathologist annotations and review of images. 

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8-plex Analysis Quantification Using Visiopharm Software

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