Indica Labs HALO® software for Image Analysis

Indica Labs HALO image analysis platform is used by OracleBio as part of our image analysis services. The HALO image analysis platform, developed by US based Indica Labs, is the industry’s fastest image analysis platform. The software offers excellent digital slide annotation and algorithm optimisation, as well as phenomenal processing speeds when combined with Hyper-Cluster™ hardware, to provide high quality image analysis in the shortest time possible.

For all image analysis studies carried out on the HALO image analysis platform, OracleBio Clients now have direct access to whole slide images and analysis study data anytime, anywhere using Indica Labs HALO LINK system. HALO LINK is a collaborative pathology information system, designed to integrate fully with the HALO image analysis platform. The system allows for a smooth image analysis workflow, with no need to download software or images.

Why do we use Indica HALO?

  • Turbo-Charged Analysis

    OracleBio run Indica HALO on a server platform utilising Hyper-Cluster™ hardware which results in greater throughput of data and rapid data turnaround.

  • Multiple Algorithms

    OracleBio have access to over 20 Indica HALO algorithm modules which means we can address even the most challenging image analysis problems.

  • Highest level of detail

    Indica HALO reports morphological and multiplexed expression data on a cell-by-cell basis across entire tissue sections and maintains an interactive link between cell data and cell image.

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Indica HALO Image Analysis

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