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Quantiative Digital Pathology Services using Indica Labs HALO Software

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Indica Labs HALO image analysis platform is leveraged by OracleBio to provide quantitative digital pathology services. The OracleBio team are highly skilled in the use of HALO software for digital slide annotation and algorithm optimisation to provide high quality image analysis data. The HALO software, developed by US based Indica Labs, is the industry’s fastest image analysis platform, with phenomenal processing speeds which enable OracleBio’s rapid turn around times. 

Deep Learning Tumour Heterogeneity OriginalDeep Learning Tumour Heterogeneity Original


OracleBio’s HALO capabilities are strengthened by the integration of HALO AI, the deep learning module from Indica Labs. Integrating deep learning capabilities into our workflow enables us to deliver data faster, conduct more complex analysis and improve accuracy and reproducibility.

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Indica Labs HALO Link

HALO Link™

For all image analysis studies carried out on the HALO image analysis platform, OracleBio Clients have direct access to whole slide images and analysis study data anytime, anywhere using Indica Labs HALO Link system. Pathologists can also log on to the HALO Link system to review and annotate images remotely. 

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