From Images to Data: Outsourcing Quantitative Digital Pathology
27 January 2021
By Hannah Thomson

OracleBio is a global leader in quantitative digital pathology services to Pharma and Biotech clients worldwide. Leveraging industry-leading image analysis software platforms, the company delivers robust data packages to support clinical trials and translational research. As image analysis experts, OracleBio specialises in cellular phenotyping of multiplex stained tissue and has built a strong reputation as the go-to company for complex image analysis.

In this webinar, Keith and Lorcan give an overview of OracleBio’s image analysis study workflow including:

• Quality control procedures to generate data you can trust
• Integrating clinical pathologists into image analysis workflow
• Algorithm development and ensuring data integrity
• Collaboration and sharing of analysis and results via image viewing portal
• Three Case Studies giving real-world examples of how OracleBio’s services can add value to Pharma R&D throughout the research pipeline

Lorcan Sherry

Chief Scientific Officer

Keith Bowers

Senior Business Development Manager

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