OracleBio Meet HRH Princess Anne

OracleBio met Her Royal Highness (HRH) Princess Anne as part of a royal visit to Scotland in February of this year. The Princess Royal’s visit formed part of the naming of a new state of the art bio-incubator facility called ‘Biocity Scotland’ with OracleBio being one of the first tenants. During the visit, Princess Anne was introduced to Definiens software by Dr Lorcan Sherry and was given a live demonstration of Tissue Studio’s capabilities.

Dr Sherry commented “HRH was very impressed with Tissue Studio and its various applications in the drug discovery process. The fact that OracleBio can receive electronic images of immunohistochemically-stained histology slides, analyse the images and return data electronically to clients was of particular interest, adding to the global reach of OracleBio”.

Dr Waller continues “HRH was also very interested in the collaboration that OracleBio has established with two other complementary service providers, Tissue Solutions and Histologix to offer a full service of Tissue Procurement, Histology / IHC and Definiens Image Analysis. Our new joint conference stand was the perfect way to present the collaboration to Princess Anne and numerous other people during the visit. However, although HRH was very impressed with the software, she has yet to place an order!