OracleBio become tenants of Biocity Scotland

OracleBio recently became the first tenants of the the new bioincubator site “Biocity Scotland” (formally MSD’s Newhouse site).

As a new and growing business, OracleBio have decided to locate its business within Biocity Scotland. Dr Waller comments “As ex-employees of the MSD Newhouse site we have a real insight into the world-class facilities available at Biocity Scotland. Over the years prior to the site closure, Organon and Schering Plough invested heavily in the Newhouse site to provide the best possible environment to carry out life science research. One of the most attractive aspects of basing our business at Biocity Scotland is that the new research buildings are fully complete with millions of pounds worth of state of the art equipment which has all been donated by MSD to Biocity Scotland.”

Dr Sherry states, “Establishing a business in the life science sector can be very difficult, not least because of the need to invest in expensive, high-tech equipment. The fact that Biocity Scotland contains all the equipment that we require, which can be leased at favourable terms, means that it is an ideal place for us to base our business. The site also has a great deal of additional benefits for our company including numerous meeting rooms, a lecture theatre and high speed internet connection. We have been highly impressed with Biocity’s entrepreneurial spirit. They certainly understand the pressures faced by a small start-up company and have been very flexible in offering a range of tenancy packages to suit our current needs.”

Dr Waller continues “We look forward to seeing other life science companies join us at Biocity Scotland because in our experience there are real benefits of working alongside other companies to co-promote and co-market complementary services. Having numerous companies under one roof will no doubt facilitate collaborative approaches which should not only benefit the individual companies themselves but also Scotland’s life science industry in general. Newhouse has a great reputation for scientific excellence as a consequence of the exceptional scientists who worked there, delivering a number of highly innovative new medicines to the market. We look forward to Biocity continuing this scientific legacy in years to come by providing a centre dedicated to life science research.”

For more details see the news article in the “Scotsman”.