OracleBio expands Visiopharm Software Capabilities for Unlimited Image Analysis Processing in the Cloud
26 May 2020
By OracleBio

OracleBio is pleased to announce an expansion of its digital pathology software capabilities to include unlimited Visiopharm software licenses for high throughput image analysis processing in the cloud.  The move to an infinitely scalable solution will enable the quantitative digital pathology services provider to meet increasing demand from new clients and to better support large digital pathology studies.

After a successful three years using the software, OracleBio is now switching to Visiopharm’s research unlimited subscription model which provides access to all software modules, including the AI Deep Learning module. This will provide OracleBio with much increased capacity, facilitating faster delivery of study data to clients.

The additional Visiopharm software will run on OracleBio’s AWS Cloud Server, enabling high throughput processing in the cloud. The encrypted and firewall protected cloud server gives OracleBio ultimate flexibility and scalability, with the ability to increase capacity dependant on study requirements. The cloud server provides access to state of the art CPUs and GPUs facilitating high speed image processing, which will further improve study turnaround times.

OracleBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Lorcan Sherry, commented:

‘At OracleBio we are always improving our services. We have adopted Visiopharm’s subscription model to access the unlimited software licenses we need to support large studies; preclinical readouts through to exploratory clinical biomarkers.  This, coupled with AWS cloud computing power, gives us a scalable solution to efficiently process large numbers of images and return data even faster to our Clients. We’ve been collaborating with Visiopharm for over 3 years now and are pleased to be extending this relationship further.’

Michael Grunkin, Visiopharm’s Chief Executive Officer, commented:

’Our goal at Visiopharm is to enable scientific and therapeutic breakthroughs using digital pathology. Providing subscriptions to our users ensures that every installation of the software is optimized for their current data needs and ready to grow as tissue analysis demands increase. We are excited to further expand our collaboration with OracleBio and support their unrelenting quest to always provide their customers with Precision Pathology data.’

To find out more about OracleBio’s quantitative digital pathology services or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact OracleBio.

About OracleBio

OracleBio is a leading provider of quantitative digital pathology services to support pre-clinical and clinical Pharmaceutical R&D.  Using industry leading image analysis software platforms, the company delivers accurate and detailed quantification of single and multiplex IHC, IF and ISH marker staining allowing for improved decision making within R&D. Founded in 2011 and based in Scotland, UK, OracleBio has a strong immuno-oncology focus with extensive experience in the quantification of immune cell interactions within the tumour microenvironment.

About Visiopharm A/S 

Visiopharm® is a world leader in AI-driven digital precision pathology software. Leading biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), academic medical centres, and diagnostic pathology labs all over the world use Visiopharm’s technology for tissue-based research and diagnostics. Its solutions use the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning to make the most comprehensive, highly configurable, and accurate tissue mining tools available on the market today. Visiopharm was founded in 2001 and is privately owned. The company operates internationally with over 900 licenses in more than 38 countries. Company headquarters are in Denmark’s Medicon Valley, with further offices in London, England, Munich, Germany, and Westminster, Colorado.

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  • Data you can trust  We have thorough quality control procedures in place throughout our workflow to ensure the data we provide is of a high-quality standard
  • Fast data delivery – Our state of the art cloud servers enable high throughput processing for a fast turn around

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