Indica Labs’ HALO with Hyper-Cluster platform is utilised by OracleBio to improve image analysis service capabilities

Indica Labs’ HALO with Hyper-Cluster platform has been added to OracleBio’s image analysis service capabilities. OracleBio, a leading provider of high quality precision histopathology image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical pharmaceutical R&D, is pleased to announce that it has incorporated Indica HALO™ plus Hyper-Cluster™, the industry’s fastest image analysis platform. OracleBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Lorcan Sherry, commented:

We have experienced a significant upturn in the demand for our histopathology image analysis services from the pharmaceutical industry over the past two years, especially in the field of oncology clinical trials. In order to meet this increasing demand and to offer our Clients a wider choice of image analysis platforms as part of our services, we are delighted to add the Indica HALO image analysis platform to our current software capabilities”.

Indica Labs Halo is utilised by Oracle Bio

The Indica HALO image analysis platform, produced by US-based Indica Labs, offers excellent digital slide annotation and algorithm optimisation. Indica HALO reports morphological and multiplexed expression data on a cell-by-cell basis across entire tissue sections and maintains an interactive link between cell data and cell image. Digitally scanning histology slides creates large image files and analysis of such images can be very time consuming on conventional analysis systems. Indica HALO’s parallel processing technology coupled with Hyper-Cluster data processing results in shortened compute-time, reducing the time-to-results therefore allowing quality analysis in the shortest time possible.

Dr Sherry continues, “We specifically chose the Indica HALO platform as it enables us to continue to develop tailored image analysis algorithms and generate highly detailed and robust data in a timely manner to address key questions our Clients face when interpreting drug efficacy, safety or biomarker related responses from their histology studies. Investing in the Indica HALO platform plus Hyper-Cluster functionality will allow us to more effectively support the increasing demands for such services from our Clients.”

Kate Lillard, Chief Scientific Officer of Indica Labs commented:

“HALO with Hyper-Cluster is ideally suited for CROs with high-volume image analysis needs like OracleBio. We are pleased that OracleBio has chosen our platform which fits with Indica Labs’ commitment to support CRO’s with their pre-clinical and clinical tissue-based image analysis.“

About OracleBio

OracleBio is a specialized CRO providing high quality precision histopathology digital image analysis and pathology review services to support pre-clinical and clinical Pharmaceutical R&D, companion diagnostics development, digital pathology review and biomarker research. For more information on OracleBio’s full range of histopathology image analysis services, please Contact Us.

About Indica Labs, Inc.

Indica Labs is a leading provider of software for quantitative evaluation of digital pathology images.  Indica Labs’ HALO™ image analysis platform provides a unique combination of precision, performance, scalability, and usability which underpins a broad range of industry-leading, application-specific image analysis modules.  Pharmaceutical and medical research organizations worldwide utilize HALO to support tissue-based research programs in neuroscience, metabolism, oncology, toxicological pathology, and more.