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Translational Biomarkers

Evaluation of tissue based biomarkers is integral to the interpretation, translation and prediction of drug response within pre-clinical and clinical studies. Biomarkers can encompass anything from a standard cell count  through to quantification of  the staining distribution of a specific cell cycle protein or enzyme within a tissue.

Histopathology Image Analysis can be applied across the following translational areas

  • Target expression

    Image analysis can be used to quantify and localise target expression in the absence and presence of drug treatment and across healthy and diseased tissue.

  • Biomarker Evaluation

    Biomarker IHC staining can be quantified on a cell by cell basis (cytoplasmic, nuclear or membrane associated) in pre-clinical model tissues for determination of the best biomarkers to evaluate in clinical trial tissue sampes. Biomarkers can demonstrate evidence of early pharmacodynamic readouts or toxicity profiles in tissues to better guide dose setting in later stage trials.

  • Patient Stratification

    Changes in specific mechanistic readouts and/or intercellualr signalling proteins can predict drug reponse in specific patient populations. Histopathology image analysis allows for detailed quantification of changes in marker expression across whole tissues or within specific regions of interest (tissue subtypes).

  • Species differences

    Biomarker and target IHC staining can be quantified across different species to confirm translation to man.

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