Insulin and Glucagon IHC Analysis

Whole slide pancreatic tissue sections can be analysed to isolate the islets of Langerhans as a region of interest. Within these IHC stained islets, the number of cells and levels of insulin from secreting β cells or glucagon from secreting α cells can be accurately quantified.

Insulin Whole Tissue Classifier and Data

Analysis Approach

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is performed using specific antibodies directed against either insulin secreting β cells or glucagon secreting α cells in the pancreatic islets. A custom algorithm is developed that accurately identifies and segments the islets within the whole tissue section. Cells and the level of secretion within the islets can be accurately quantified and classified.

Islet Cell Overlay and Whole Tissue Section Data

Quantitative Readouts

  • Total number / area of islets within a tissue section
  • Total number of cells within each islet
  • Total area of insulin staining within each islet
  • Classification of insulin/glucagon stained area as low, medium and high to obtain an H-Score
  • Total number of insulin/glucagon stained cells within each islet
  • Assessment over whole slides rather than individual field of views


  • Custom algorithms allow highly accurate detection of islets
  • Accurate isolation and segmentation of islets within the whole tissue section
  • The ability to quantify and classify the area of insulin or glucagon staining in each islet
  • The ability to quantify and classify insulin or glucagon stained cells in each islet
  • Objectively applied analysis across all study slides
  • Whole slide analysis increases the robustness of the data