Dermatology IHC Analysis

The skin is the body’s largest organ and as its most basic function, forms a natural barrier from our external environment. Within Dermatology R&D, histology and IHC combined with image analysis is a key tool delivering detailed cell by cell information on drug target expression, or in the evaluation of drug response effects.

Dermatology IHC Analysis

IHC staining (brown) in Skin

Analysis Approach

Once we receive your slides or images for evaluation, we develop customised algorithms tailored to the specific question of interest, be it evaluation of expression of a novel drug target or quantifying the effect of your test product across treated and untreated tissue samples. We analyse each section in a consistent, detailed way to generate data which is fully representative of the staining present in your tissue samples.

Quantitative Readouts

  • Area, length, perimeter of specific tissue regions of interest including the dermal and epidermal layers
  • Total cell counts, changes in cell size or biomarker expression (amount and intensity) in specific skin regions from pre-clinical and clinical studies
  • Drug response read-outs including mechanistic markers and cell signalling pathways
  • Protein (IHC) and RNA (ISH) quantification, dual staining and co-localisation of 2 markers
Detection of Positive staining (yellow) and nuclei (blue)

Detection of Positive staining (yellow) and nuclei (blue)


  • Receive highly detailed data quantifying IHC or ISH marker staining on a cell by cell basis across individual whole tissue cores or within defined regions of interest per core.
  • Our automated batch analysis service objectively analyses each section using the same algorithm to reduce variability and improve data quality and interpretation.