Cardiovascular IHC Analysis

Cardiovascular disease covers a number of debilitating conditions including Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, Myocardial Infarction and Congestive Heart Failure. In the development of novel therapies, numerous models are utilised in which histological and immunohistochemistry methods are applied to determine drug response directly in affected tissues. At OracleBio we have extensive experience of profiling compound efficacy within histological tissue samples from pre-clinical atherosclerosis studies including ApoE KO and balloon injury models.

Analysis Approach

Customised algorithms are developed to detect cardiovascular disease read-outs including atherosclerosis and myocardial cell parameters.  Example images shown left highlight the detection of atherosclerosis plaque  in the aortic sinus region of the heart stained with H&E  and also macrophage content via IHC in the brachiocephalic artery.

Detection of atherosclerotic plaque

Quantitative Readouts

  • Quantification of atherosclerotic plaque deposition within aortic sinus or braciocephalic artery of ApoE KO model.
  • Evaluation of atherosclerotic plaque content parameters including macrophage, extracellular lipid, collagen and smooth muscle cells.
  • Detailed analysis of myocardial hypertrophy on a cell by cell basis.
  • Evaluation of drug response on inflammatory cell infiltration, necrosis and angiogenesis in myocardial infarct tissue.
  • Changes in specific biomarker expression or cell signalling markers
  • Quantification of changes in vessel wall stenosis, hyperplasia and apoptosis.


  • Gain a detailed insight into how your drug is affecting cardiovascular disease. Understand effects on tissue pathology and specific drug associated mechanism of action within the tissue.
  • We can provide a service which includes atherosclerotic tissue processing and embedding, FFPE tissue sectioning, histology and IHC staining, image capture and analysis.
  • We can also source specific cardiovascular tissue specimens and perform histology/IHC and image analysis as part of drug target validation, drug repositioning or patient stratification studies