NAS Score and Pathologist Review

NAS score for Pre-clinical NASH models

Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) is a chronic liver disease clinically characterized by hepatic steatosis, lobular inflammation and fibrosis.

In pre-clinical research, various animal models have been shown to mimic the histopathological features and stages of NASH.

The NASH/NAFLD Activity Score (NAS) is a scoring system that semi-quantitatively evaluates and grades NASH/NAFLD based on the following core histopathological features: steatosis (0-3), lobular inflammation (0-3), hepatocellular ballooning (0-2), and fibrosis (0-4).

The use of NAS scoring has been shown to be a reproducible and reliable scoring system suited for the assessment pre-clinical murine models of NASH and Liver Fibrosis.

In collaboration with one of our CRO partners, OracleBio can provide full histology and IHC services and a range of NASH/NAFLD and Fibrosis qualitative assessment read-outs to complement our quantitative image analysis data.

Figure 1. Example Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) Stained NASH Model Tissue

NAS Score Read-outs:

We can provide individual disease progression read-outs and a combined NAS Score per sample:

  • Steatosis (0-3)
  • Lobular Inflammation (0-3)
  • Hepatocyte Injury (0-2)
  • Fibrosis (0-4)

Quantitative Image Analysis Read-outs:

We can provide quantitative image analysis read-outs based on:

  • Steatosis – Vacuole Count/Area/Size/Diameter
  • Fibrosis – Collagen Content/Area
  • Lobular Inflammation – Cell Count based on Immune/Inflammatory IHC specific staining

Example NAS Score Data:

NAS score

Example Quantitative Image Analysis: