Angiogenesis IHC Analysis

Microvessel density (MVD) IHC  is often used as a surrogate measure of angiogenesis in tumour tissue with angiogenesis being correlated with poor disease prognosis and/or therapeutic response.

Angiogenesis IHC Analysis

CD34 positive cells

Analysis Approach

Using immunohistochemistry (IHC) techniques with specific antibodies directed against endothelial cells (eg CD34 ) it is possible to stain and identify endothelial cells within microvessels and using image analysis, quantify the number and size of microvessels within a tissue.

Angiogenesis IHC Analysis

Detected vessels (purple) and lumen (green).

Quantitative Readouts

  • Total number of vessels within a tissue section
  • Total area of vessels within a tissue section
  • Number of small, medium and large vessels
  • Number of vessels with or without lumen
  • Objective analysis across whole tissue slides rather than subjective individual field of views
angiogenesis ihc analysis

Vessels classified small (yellow), medium (orange) and large (red).


  • Custom angiogenesis algorithms allow highly accurate detection of vessel formation
  • A highly detailed measure of new vessel formation across the whole tissue section or specific region of interest
  • The ability to not only quantify but also classify vessels into various sizes
  • Whole slide analysis increases the robustness of the the data