Multiplex IF Analysis

Multiplex Immunofluorescence (IF) analysis allows for the quantification of multiple fluorescent markers present on the same section.

Analysis Approach

We develop a customised algorithm tailored to the specific markers present in your study samples. This primarily involves detecting the tissue region of interest (ROI) for analysis following by defining the cellular analysis required such as quantification and/or co-localisation of marker area staining across the chosen tissue ROI. Once the algorithm is completed, it is applied to all tissue section images in the study in a consistent, automated and objective manner to generate highly detailed information, enabling robust statistical analysis and in-depth interpretation.

Multiplex IF Analysis immunofluorescence

Multiplex IF CD4 and CD8 Detection

Quantitative Readouts

  • Area across a whole tissue or within a specific ROI
  • Use of IF markers to predefine specific regions of interest for cellular analysis
  • Quantification of multiple groups of cells stained highlighted using different fluorescence markers
  • Colocalisation of multiple fluorescent markers within the same cell
Multiplex IF Analysis immunofluorescence

Multiplex IF FoxP3 CD4 CD8 Dual Detection


  • Receive highly detailed data quantifying multiple single markers or co-localised markers on a cell by cell basis across a whole tissue section or within defined regions of interest.
  • Our automated batch analysis service objectively analyses each section using the same algorithm to reduce variability and improve data quality and interpretation.