Image Analysis CRO – About Us

providing high precision, quantitative, digital image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical research

Image Analysis CRO – About OracleBio

OracleBio is a highly specialised image analysis CRO (contract research organization) providing high precision, quantitative, digital image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical research.

Using both Indica Labs HALO™ and Visiopharm Oncotopix image analysis software platforms we can deliver accurate and detailed quantification of nuclear, membrane and cytoplasmic markers on a cell-by-cell basis within Histology, IHC and ISH tissue sections.

The management and employees of the company have over 75 years of combined experience of working within the R&D functions of medium and large Pharma companies and provide the type of high quality service expected of a specialist image analysis CRO.

    Our image analysis CRO services are applicable to research studies covering:

    • Drug Efficacy / Toxicity

      in vivo model read outs including quantitative analysis of drug efficacy markers

    • Target Validation

      including biomarker/target quantification in diseased vs. non-diseased tissues

    • Disease Mechanism of Action

      mechanistic read-outs (i.e. Proliferation, Micro Vessel Density, Apoptosis)

    • Biomarker Analysis

      in tissues including correlation of biomarker staining with drug response

    • Patient Stratification

      studies including biomarker assessment in different patient groups

    • Drug Repositioning

      evaluating distribution / quantification of targets across different tissues

    Our Partnerships

    As well as our image analysis CRO services, we have also established close partnerships with other expert service providers to offer a highly integrated ‘one-stop-shop’ service covering ethical tissue procurement, histology and immunohistochemistry (IHC).

    Using our extensive experience of biomarker application within large Pharma (including Schering-Plough and Merck), we can also offer a range of bespoke biomarker consultation and biomarker study management services that add value to a client’s compound portfolio and research programs.

    Our forward looking approach combined with our biomarker expertise, integrity and quality image analysis CRO services can add value to your product portfolio and gain your company a competitive edge.