OracleBio Announces New and Improved Access to Image Analysis Study Data for Clients

OracleBio is pleased to announce an expansion of its service offering to provide Clients with direct, instant access to study data. Whole slide images and analysis data will now be available anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone, using our new online portal. Indica Labs HALO Link™ system is a collaborative pathology information system, designed to integrate fully with the HALO™ image analysis platform. The system allows for a smooth image analysis workflow, with no need to download software or images.

For all image analysis studies carried out on the Indica Labs HALO ™ platform, OracleBio are now able to offer Clients direct study access via HALO Link ™. This will enable you to:

  • Visualise study data, slides and analysis directly throughout the project
  • Share data with your colleagues efficiently
  • Have a Pathologist review analysis or remotely annotate specific ROI on tissue sections which OracleBio will analyse

OracleBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Lorcan Sherry, commented:

‘As part of OracleBio’s continued improvement in our services, we are delighted to now include HALO Link access to histology analysis studies we perform using the HALO platform. Not only will the web portal deliver improved study access, it will also provide full transparency of our analysis work to enable a comprehensive review of data from each section. Ultimately we believe this will enable our Clients to engage in more collaborative discussions and informed decision making as part of their pre-clinical and clinical R&D.’

For more information on using HALO Link ™ in your future image analysis studies or to find out more about OracleBio’s services, please contact us. 

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