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Microscope Slide Scanning

We offer a high-quality microscope slide scanning service, converting your glass microscope IHC/ histology slides into digital images using a Hamamatsu Nanozoomer digital scanner. OracleBio’s histology slide scanning service allows whole slide images to be created with high resolution and high sensitivity, allowing image analysis software programs to quantify multiple parameters.

micrscope slide scanning hamamatsu nanozoomer

Brightfield And Fluorescent Options

We can provide scanning of both brightfield and fluorescently stained tissue slides

X20 And X40 Magnification

Scanning can be carried out at different magnifications depending on your requirements

High Throughput and Quality

Our Hamamatsu Nanozoomer generates exceptionally high-quality digital images with a rapid turnaround time

Key Benefits of our Microscope Slide Scanning Service:

  • Electronically Archive Images – Reduce physical storage space by electronically archiving your slides
  • Convenient Slide Viewing – Digital images can be viewed on a computer rather than using a microscope
  • Avoid Staining Intensity Loss – Avoid the problem of faded IHC staining by generating digital images of your slides

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