ERS International Congress 2016 , September 3rd-7th, London

OracleBio’s CSO Lorcan Sherry and BDM Mark Anderson, will be attending the European Respiratory Society International Congress, September 3rd-7th, 2016 in London. The ERS International Congress is now the largest meeting in the world in the respiratory field. The Scientific programme will present the best in science and educational sessions from distinguished researchers from across the globe, covering key topics in respiratory medicine from across the spectrum of disease areas including TB, lung cancer, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and asthma.

OracleBio is delighted to be exhibiting at the Congress and will also be presenting a poster entitled; ‘Utilisation of Whole Slide Image Analysis to Quantify Lesion Formation, Collagen Content and Cell Density within Histologically Stained Fibrotic Lung Tissue‘, on Sunday 4th September (12:50pm – 2:40pm).  This poster describes data from a study performed with Charles River, detailing image analysis by OracleBio on Bleomycin treated rat lungs.  Here we were able to accurately segment morphologically distinct regions within Picrosirius Red stained whole tissue sections, based on specific pathology features and quantify the collagen and cellular content in normal parenchyma and areas of fibrotic lesion. Excluded from the analysis was any collagen (basal) associated with large bronchial structures and blood vessels, content which has the potential to introduce error in some in-vitro analysis such as hydroxyproline measurement.

OracleBio are also contributors to a poster being presented by MedImmune on Tuesday 6th September (8:30am – 10:30am) entitled; ‘Tryptase+ mast cells associate with fibrotic regions in the lungs of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients; a multiplex staining approach‘. In this study, lung biopsy specimens obtained from diseased (IPF) patients and normal individuals underwent dual IHC staining for chymase and tryptase. High resolution digital images of these samples were then analysed by OracleBio to quantify the Mast cell density in both IPF and normal lung tissue, and within annotated fibrotic and non-fibrotic areas.

Our exhibitor booth is situated at K13 next to the ‘World Village’ throughout the conference and we look forward to meeting you there to discuss how OracleBio can support your respiratory disease projects using detailed quantitative image analysis.

OracleBio offers a range of digital pathology image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical Pharmaceutical R&D studies. If you would like to learn more about OracleBio’s services, or wish to arrange a time to speak to Lorcan or Mark during the congress, please contact us.

Mark Lorcan