Digital Pathology Today Podcast with John Waller
30 September 2021
By Mark Laurie

In this podcast, our Chief Operations Officer & founder, John Waller, was invited onto the hugely popular Digital Pathology Today podcast.

John and the podcast host, Dr. Joseph Anderson, chat about OracleBio’s humble beginnings and our quantitative digital pathology journey over the past decade – from a single company laptop to a cutting-edge, scalable cloud computing infrastructure.


They covered a number of interesting topics, including:

  • OracleBio’s history, mission, and field of practice
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • How Digital Pathology has evolved over the years and what its future holds
  • Pathologist-led image analysis and the difficulties humans face with detailed quantification
  • Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Deep Learning
    The importance of cloud computing and automation
  • …and a whole lot more!

Be sure to check out more episodes on the Digital Pathology Today website.

Reasons to Work With OracleBio:

  • Data you can trust – We have thorough quality control procedures in place throughout our workflow to ensure the data we provide is of a high-quality standard

  • Latest technologies – We continually invest time and money into the latest software and techniques so you don’t need to

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