8th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: USA, New York

OracleBio contacts and materials

OracleBio Contacts

Lorcan Sherry

Lorcan Sherry

Chief Scientific Officer

Chiara Asselborn

Chiara Asselborn

Snr. Image Analysis Scientist

Keith Bowers

Keith Bowers

Snr. Business Dev. Manager

Gabriel Reines March

Gabriel Reines March

Digital Pathology Project Manager

Event Materials

To view/download the materials, please click the respective thumbnail images below:


📄 OracleBio and Gilead: “Utilizing Quantitative Digital Pathology techniques for analysis of Hepatitis B liver samples stained with a 12-plex multiplex-IF assay”


📄 OracleBio and Bristol Myers Squibb: “A Quantitative Digital Pathology Workflow to Manage Technical Challenges within Multiplex IF R&D Studies”



📄 OracleBio’s Good Clinical Practice (GCP) image analysis services brochure:

  • An overview of GCP and its benefits
  • Our GCP study workflow
  • Our quality management framework


📄 OracleBio Immuno-Oncology R&D image analysis services brochure:


📄 OracleBio NASH/NAFLD & Fibrosis image analysis services brochure:


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