providing high precision, quantitative, digital image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical research

Pre-Clinical Services

Quantitative Image Analysis has wide application in pre-clinical research including, measuring in vivo drug response readouts, model validation, biomarker expression and target validation studies

Image Analysis can be applied across the following pre-clinical areas

  • Drug study readouts

    Our Image analysis services can be used to quantify mechanistic responses to drug treatment such as proliferation, apoptosis, angiogenesis and inflammatory cell infiltrate etc

  • In vivo model validation

    Image analysis can be used to quantify biomarker and/or target expression in in vivo models.

  • Biomarker expression

    Biomarker (cytoplasmic, nuclear or membrane associated) IHC staining can be quantified on a cell by cell basis.

  • Target validation

    We can measure target expression in tissues and detect changes in response to drug treatment.

  • Xenograft Studies

    We have extensive expertise in quantitative analysis of Xenograft study read-outs including evaluation of % necrosis / viable content and a wide range of intercellular markers and mechanistic processes.

Tumour Morphology IHC

Clinical Services

Find out how Image Analysis can be applied to your clinical research studies

Translational Biomarkers

Quantitate translational biomarkers in your whole tissue sections in both pre-clinical and clinical samples

Partner Services

Through our specialised partners we can combine our image analysis services with tissue acquisition, histology / IHC and pathology review.

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