OracleBio incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning and High Multiplex Image Analysis Technologies to enhance Digital Pathology Capabilities







Glasgow, UK [16/05/2019]: OracleBio Limited is pleased to announce the integration of Visiopharm’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep learning and phenotyping multiplexing modules into its existing Oncotopix® image analysis platform.

The Oncotopix® AI deep learning module allows OracleBio to access a range of the most up-to-date deep convolution neural networks for a more precise and robust classification of objects or regions of interest in tissue-based images. For example, these can include cell types, tumour regions, glomeruli, brain regions or any unique object or region.

Visiopharm’s phenotyping multiplexing module streamlines and automates the analysis workflow of high multiplex image data, including image mass cytometry (IMC) multi-stack images. It offers a simultaneous analysis workflow of up to 255 channels, enabling tissue and cell segmentation for cell-based phenotyping.

The addition of Visiopharm’s AI deep learning and phenotyping multiplexing modules will expand OracleBio’s capabilities and enable the company to:

  • Address more challenging and complex Image Analysis studies
  • Improve the accuracy and reproducibility of quantitative outputs
  • Improve computational efficiency and cut down the turnaround time
  • Automate the phenotyping and interpretation of high multiplex images
  • Integrate visualisation tools to enable deep phenotypic investigation

“OracleBio strives to provide services at the forefront of Digital Pathology and this is signified by our continual efforts to adopt the latest innovations in the field” commented Lorcan Sherry, Chief Scientific Officer of OracleBio. “We have identified Visiopharm’s AI deep learning and phenotyping multiplexing modules as key technologies that will allow us to enhance image analysis capabilities, diversify the range of quantitative outputs, and ultimately improve study outcomes for our clients. Visiopharm is an industry leader in the Digital Pathology space and we are pleased to be extending our long-standing partnership with them.”

“We are very excited to partner with OracleBio, an innovative CRO that delivers superb digital analysis services” commented Adrian Arechiga, Chief Marketing Officer at Visiopharm. “This collaboration allows us to deliver unique digital pathology solutions to support pre-clinical and clinical research. Together, we will provide valuable insights to support outcomes and streamline decision making”


About OracleBio

OracleBio is a highly specialised image analysis CRO (contract research organization) providing high precision, quantitative, digital image analysis services to support pre-clinical and clinical research.

Using both Indica Labs HALO™ and Visiopharm Oncotopix® image analysis software platforms we can deliver accurate and detailed quantification of nuclear, membrane and cytoplasmic markers on a cell-by-cell basis within Histology, IHC and ISH tissue sections.

The management and employees of the company have over 100 years of combined experience of working within the R&D functions of medium and large Pharma companies and provide the type of high quality service expected of a specialist image analysis CRO.


About Visiopharm

Visiopharm® is a world leader in Augmented Pathology™ solutions that comprise precision pathology and high-throughput pathology for tissue-diagnostics and research. Leading biopharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), academic medical centers, and diagnostic pathology labs all over the world utilize the Oncotopix® platform for tissue-based research and diagnostics. The newest advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning further consolidates Oncotopix® as the most comprehensive and highly configurable solution for tissue analysis on the market today.

The company’s solutions are featured in over 1300 peer-reviewed scientific publications compatible with leading slide scanner manufacturers and data management software. Visiopharm® is certified according to EN ISO 13485:2016, covering design, development, manufacture, installation, and service of in vitro diagnostics pathology software.

Visiopharm, a privately-owned company, was founded in 2001 by the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Michael Grunkin and the Chief Technical officer Johan Doré Hansen, who both have a strong scientific and practical background in image analysis.


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