Definiens Tissue Studio For Image Analysis

OracleBio have expertise in using Definiens Tissue Studio software to offer high precision, quantitative, digital image analysis services. The Tissue Studio image analysis platform, produced by Munich-based Definiens, offers an advanced solution for histopathology, IHC (immunohistochemistry) and biomarker translational research. Through its unique ability to overcome inherent biological and staining variability, the Tissue Studio platform accurately detects regions of interest and distinguishes cell types and cell subtypes within target regions.

Why Definiens Tissue Studio?

  • Powerful software

    Definiens Tissue Studio determines morphology and expression profiles per individual cell or cell compartment.

  • Detailed data acquisition

    Definiens Tissue Studio provides an exceptional level of data acquisition on a cell-by-cell and subcellular compartment level from histology tissue slides

  • Whole tissue section analysis

    Definiens Tissue Studio allows the quantification of parameters across the whole tissue section in addition to regions of interest. Whole section analysis can remove bias and provide more data points to help improve data quality.

Definiens Tissue Studio

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