Tissue Microarray Analysis

Tissue Microarray analysis allows for the evaluation of specific biomarker / drug target immunostaining parameters on numerous, separate, tissue cores on one single slide. Tissue Microarrays contain up to 150 individual tissue cores from different samples depending on the evaluation requirement. Multiple core sections covering different patient groups, tissue types or disease grades can be analysed in an automated and objective manner to deliver detailed and robust data.

Tissue Microarray Cores

Analysis Approach

Tissue Microarray (TMA) analysis of images can generated using either bright field IHC or immunofluorescence techniques. An algorithm is developed to first automatically detect the number of individual cores across the whole section and then to perform cellular analysis of staining parameters on a cell by cell basis. Results can be generated per core per slide.

Tissue Microarray Cytonuclear Quantification

Quantitative Readouts

  • Analysis of whole cores or specific regions of interest (Tumour vs. Stroma)
  • Area of positive IHC (protein) or ISH (RNA) marker staining per core
  • Number of positive IHC or ISH cells per core
  • Classification of positive stained cells as low, medium or high stain and generation of H-score

Tissue Microarray HER2 Membrane Quantification


  • Receive highly detailed data quantifying IHC, ISH or IF marker staining on a cell by cell basis across individual whole tissue cores or within defined regions of interest per core.
  • Reduce variability and improve interpretation of your study results by our automated analysis of multiple core sections covering different patient groups, tissue types or disease grades present on one image slide.